AWS IoT Can Help You Harness the Benefits of the Internet of Things

  • Easy to Deploy and Manage – AWS allows you to get started without complicated backend infrastructure. You can also use modern communication protocols such as MQTT, HTTP 1.1, and web sockets, plus proprietary and legacy protocols, allowing you to move quickly from idea to prototype on the AWS Cloud.
  • Protect Your Device Data – Set granular permission policies, leverage mutual authentication with no credentials traveling over the wire, and encrypt your data with TLS, which is available in a variety of programming languages and operating systems.
  • Scale to Billions of Devices – Start with minimal upfront investment and obtain the ability to add new devices as you go and scale out to billions of devices while processing trillions of messages.


AWS IoT is a managed cloud service that makes it simple to securely connect edge devices to other devices and cloud applications. By using AWS IoT, your organization can realize the benefits of the Internet of Things through a flexible, scalable service built with security in mind.

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What are some of the features provided by AWS IoT?

AWS IoT Management Console

The AWS IoT Management Console is a simple, intuitive, web-based user interface for managing your AWS IoT resources.

AWS Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Software Development Kits provided by AWS help take the complexity out of coding your custom IoT applications by leveraging pre-built Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for AWS services.

AWS IoT Device SDKs

AWS IoT Device Software Development Kits are designed specifically to help make it easier for you to securely connect your edge devices to AWS using the AWS IoT Device Gateway and device shadows (JSON documents used to store and retrieve current state information for a device connected to the IoT).

AWS IoT Starter Kits

AWS Starter Kits are physical kits that have been developed to help you expedite cloud-powered development of Internet of Things devices for AWS IoT.


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